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    The world's population is growing, ageing and becoming more urban and mobile. Find out more about people trends from our latest news and selected sources.


    A jobless recovery, the war for talent, new jobs for the 21st century, and more.  Keep up with the latest on labor trends in action from our selected news feeds and sources. 


    Knowledge is increasingly global and mobile, fuelled by information and communications technology advances. Find out more about the latest trends here.

    Natural Resources

    In a world facing increasing natural resource pressures, how do we prepare for and manage scarcity? Read news, examples, and selected sources on this topic here.


    Managing our environment and that of the next generation offers challenges and opportunities.  Read about the latest trends in action on this channel.


    What are the latest technologies that will shape our world? Find examples, news and selected sources to keep you up to date with the latest developments.


    Keep up to date on what's happening in the world of capital and financial markets trends with our news feeds and selected sources.


    Time is an ever scarcer resource.  Visit this channel to find out more about the latest trends in using and managing time from our news feeds and selected sources.

  • Organizations & Communities

    Geographic Markets

    As economic power shifts from West to East, markets are becoming multipolar.  How is this change playing out? Read the latest news and selected sources here.

    “Industry” Communities

    Industry boundaries are blurring; so are those of the firms that compete in them. Keep up to date on the latest examples and trends with our news and selected sources.

    Business Organizations

    What does it mean to be in business today? This channel offers the latest news and selected sources related to trends impacting business organizations.

    Intergovernmental Organizations

    Click on this channel to see the latest news and selected sources relating to trends and developments around intergovernmental organizations.

    Social Organizations

    How are our social structures, organizations and communities evolving?  Browse this channel to find news and selected sources about social organizations.

    Belief-Based Organizations

    Browse this channel to find news and selected sources offering insights into trends surrounding belief-based organizations and religious leaders.


    The military is an important force for peace and stability worldwide. Find out more about the latest trends impacting the military from our news and selected sources.

    Criminal Organizations

    Crime is a 21st century growth "industry." Find out more about the latest trends in terms of criminal organizations from our news feeds and selected sources.

  • Shapers & Influencers

    Business Leaders

    Who are the most influential business leaders, and what is the influence of business in our world? Browse the latest news and selected sources on these topics.

    Financial Power Brokers

    Central banks, sovereign wealth funds, private equity, hedge funds and other financial power brokers are shaping our world. Find out more from this channel.

    Non-Governmental Organizations

    NGOs have immense reach and impact.  Click on this channel to find examples, ideas and more about the latest trends in this sector.

    Governments & Political Organizations

    Governments and politics shape our societies, lives and work.  Browse the latest news and selected sources here.


    With exploding channels, players, technologies and business models, the trends reshaping media are profound.  Find examples in action and read the latest news here. 

    Social Networks

    With billions online, and many of these using social networks, this 21st century phenomenon is impacting all areas of our lives.  (Try to) Keep up here!

    Academic Institutions

    Who is shaping the ideas and skills of the next generations?  Find out more about trends related to academic institutions and education in this channel.

    Consumers / Individuals

    Power to the people! Consumers and individuals have more power than ever before.  How are they using it and what do they want? Keep up with this channel.

  • Accelerating Global Challenges

    Resources: From Future Worries to Today's Crises

    As pressure increases on food, water and more, potential crises are looming. Click for news and examples of this global challenge.

    Organizations & Communities: Falling Boundaries

    Boundaries are blurring everywhere, between industries, firms, and more. Get news and selected sources here.

    Shapers & Influencers: Turf Wars

    As the power of different shapers & influencers shifts, turf wars are erupting. Who will win? Explore examples and trends here.

    Resource Wars

    Scarcer resources plus growing demand are fuelling intense competition over critical resources, and may even lead to conflict. See examples in action and news here. 

    The Democratization of Everything

    People power! Everything from retailing to politics to healthcare is being democratized. What's next? Read more about this challenge.  

    Redefining the Playing Fields

    Blurring boundaries, multipolar markets and powerful consumers are redefining how value is created and captured. See examples in action and news here.

    Searching for a Moral Compass

    In an uncertain world, values and beliefs are being challenged. Find examples and news of how our moral compass is shifting here.

  • Selected Topics

    Social Good

    Social good focuses on the rising desire among many people and firms to do good in a world facing pressing global challenges. Look for news and examples here.


    Information is power. In a world awash in data, the fight for our attention is on.  Who will control information, or realize value from it? Explore news and trends here.

    Clean Technology

    Clean technologies are no longer “alternative.” Growing applications are driving new markets, business models and solutions. See this channel for more.

    Talent Management

    A retirement boom, stubborn unemployment, the next generations at work -- the talent war is global; the talent gap is growing. Find talent management news and trends here.

    The Ne(x)t Generations

    At work and at play, the youngest generations are tech savvy, looking for meaning and radically different from their parents. Explore how they are making their mark here.