Rush Limbaugh Uses Fancy Word 'Concomitant' On Air, Confusing Both Staff and Listeners

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AP Rush Limbaugh's use of the word "concomitant" during his broadcast Friday briefly derailed his rant on Friday, since his producers refused to believe the word was real. "Look it up!" Rush told his producers — and the audience, who apparently heeded his command. Merriam-Webster's official definition: "accompanying, especially in a subordinate or incidental way" The exchange prompted a spike in lookups at Merriam-Webster's website. That's according to Merriam-Webster... [continue]

Troubleshooter star Digby Jones aims to be more Harvey-Jones than Sugar

Ex-CBI boss stars in TV show revival and finds snags in advising Scottish manufacturer Hawick Knitwear how to boost sales They are like great beasts: eight 12-metre-long machines with needle teeth that gnash away, spewing out a dozen mustard-yellow sweater sleeves or sides at a time.These 50-year-old knitting machines at Hawick Knitwear in the Scottish Borders may look like they are from the Victorian era, but are computer-controlled and as ruthlessly efficient as the hi-tech German computerised... [continue]

Nadine Dorries moves into fiction with debut novel The Four Streets

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MP's saga of hardship and heartbreak published amid renewed popularity of the genreThe much-maligned saga genre, made famous by Catherine Cookson and focusing on the hard-knock lives of working-class families in the north of England, is set to gain a new proponent this week as MP turned I'm A Celebrity contestant Nadine Dorries publishes her first novel.The Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire's The Four Streets is set in 1950s Liverpool, in a "tight-knit Irish Catholic community"... [continue]

Eddie Izzard urges 'Scotland please don't go'

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Comedian is first in a string of cultural figures lined up to campaign against a yes vote in September's referendumThe comedian Eddie Izzard travelled to Edinburgh to crack jokes and campaign on Friday, and he came flying the British flag. His fingernails were painted and polished to a high shine: with a union jack on one middle finger nail and a European flag on the other.The first in a string of English, Welsh and Northern Irish cultural figures being lined up to campaign against a yes vote in... [continue]

Bruce Forsyth to stand down as Strictly Come Dancing presenter

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Departure signals the winding down of illustrious showbusiness career spanning more than 70 yearsSir Bruce Forsyth is stepping down as presenter of the hit BBC1 series Strictly Come Dancing after a decade, signalling the winding down of an illustrious career in showbusiness that has spanned more than 70 years.While Forsyth insisted on Friday "before anyone asks, I'm not retiring yet" he will continue to work on pre-recorded Strictly shows for Christmas and Children In Need as well as... [continue]

James Franco: Horndog or Marketing Genius? Top Stories - 04 april 2014 - 18:03
James Franco was mighty quick to admit that the sketchy Instagram messages he sent to an underage girl were actually real during his Friday appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael.“I used bad judgement and I learned my lesson,” said the This is The End star. “But unfortunately in my position, I mean I have a very good life, but not only do I have to go through the embarassing rituals of meeting someone, sometimes if I do that then it gets published for the world, so its like... [continue]

Through His Teeth review 'Imaginatively done'

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Linbury Studio, LondonThe musical-dramatic pacing is swift and almost cinematic an aspect reinforced by the use of screens with multiple CCTV images placed at the back of the stageWhile Gounod's Faust plays upstairs in the company's main auditorium, the Royal Opera opens two specially commissioned works on Faustian themes in the Linbury Studio beneath though in the case of the first, Luke Bedford's second opera, the connection feels somewhat tangential.The common ground, though, is deception,... [continue]

Game of Thrones is world's most-pirated TV show

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Snapshot of global illegal downloading found Game of Thrones episodes downloaded almost 1.6m times in four weeksGame of Thrones is the most-pirated TV show in the world, according to a four-week snapshot of online piracy shown to the Guardian.The hit HBO show, returning for its fourth season on Monday, tops a list that features some of the most sought-after shows on television, including The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Continue reading... [continue]

Game of Thrones brings its magic to Northern Ireland's economy

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Fans of TV series are boosting tourism by flocking to see where it was shot, while filming itself has brought jobs to regionThe queries came slowly at first, from tourists taking coach trips from Belfast to the Giant's Causeway. The Unesco world heritage site on the north coast of Northern Ireland was all very well but could they stop off en route to see the sites where Game of Thrones had been filmed?The first scheduled day trips linked to the HBO TV series will begin running three days a week... [continue]

Anja Niedringhaus gave underprivileged people a voice

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AP photojournalist killed in Afghanistan produced work that went beyond the normal wire service, says a former colleagueAnja Niedringhaus deserves to be remembered as one of the best photojournalists of the past two decades, and one of the most dedicated.We met in Sarajevo 20 years ago, during the war, when she was effectively my boss. A few years later I ended up managing her, but that didn't matter; she wasn't really bothered by authority. Continue reading... [continue]