David Letterman: top 10 quotes

List of 10 most memorable quotes from US talkshow host, who has announced he will retire in 2015 David Letterman announces retirement from Late Show"I think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomfortable it will make Jay"Letterman after sharing an awkward silence with Conan O'Brien following the fellow talkshow host's mixup with Jay Leno in 2012. Continue reading... [continue]

David Letterman announces retirement from Late Show

The longtime CBS host has revealed that he will leave the Ed Sullivan Theater for good in 2015CBS employee David Letterman, the current grandfather of American late night television, is retiring from the Late Show in 2015.Letterman made the announcement during a taping of his show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on Thursday. Continue reading... [continue]

Former Dynasty star Kate O'Mara: a life in pictures

News: Main section | - 31 march 2014 - 09:15
British actor, who has died aged 74, played many memorable roles on screen and stage throughout her long career Kate O'Mara obituary Actor best known for playing Alexis Colby's sister Cassandra [continue]

Piers Morgan fires parting shot at the NRA in final CNN show

News: Main section | - 30 march 2014 - 15:00
Attributing poor ratings to a feud with gun rights advocates, the host said a muted goodbye to the struggling news networkThere was no big celebration for Piers Morgan, no cake delivered to his desk on-air, no interviews with his favorite guests, no serenade from Bette Midler. On the last episode of CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, the former British tabloid editor exited mostly quietly, after three years of ho-hum interviews and poor ratings. For 58 of his 60 minutes, Morgan, a dutiful CNN-er until... [continue]

Mad Men meets the 70s with lava-lamp minis and handlebar moustaches

News: Main section | - 30 march 2014 - 10:56
Hemlines and hirsuteness on the rise but Don Draper sticks to the Brylcreem for the final season of TV showMad Men has entered the 1970s; you can tell by Peggy Olsen's hemlines. A mid-thigh skirt, considered transgressive in the 60s, is now acceptable office attire in the final season of the TV show which premieres in the UK on 16 April. [continue]

Game of Thrones season four to receive US-UK simulcast

Fantasy drama will be broadcast at exactly the same time in both countries for its fourth season beginning 6 AprilGame of Thrones will receive a simultaneous broadcast in the US and the UK, it was announced at the London premiere on Tuesday.In the US, HBO will show season four of the fantasy epic on Sundays at 9pm ET, which Sky Atlantic will broadcast in the UK at the same time, at 2am Monday GMT. The UK channel will then repeat the episode on its usual 9pm slot on Monday evenings. [continue]

We're in a new age of shocking TV deaths where no character is safe

The Good Wife stunned viewers with a shock departure last night, but it is only the latest in a long line of bombshell exitsAnne T Donahue [continue]

James Rebhorn obituary

News: Main section | - 24 march 2014 - 19:00
Actor who played FBI agents, cops and traditional fathersAnyone looking for an actor to play an unyielding martinet could hardly have done better over the last few decades than to cast James Rebhorn, who has died aged 65 after suffering from skin cancer. Poker-thin and poker-faced, this white-haired, crinkle-eyed performer excelled at bringing a glint of bureaucratic bloody-mindedness to small parts that might otherwise have slipped past unnoticed. He could be sympathetic too, even slightly... [continue]

Obama on the Ellen Degeneres Show: Oscars selfie a 'pretty cheap stunt'

The pair talked House of Cards, the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s daughters during the Thursday appearanceAmanda Holpuch [continue]

ABC's Alice in Arabia could break the mold – but don't hold your breath

Raya Jalabi: The new show from ABC Family, about a teenage American girl kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian relatives, has sparked outrage online – and that’s understandableRaya Jalabi [continue]